Medicare Part B

Medicare has several parts to consider when making your health care insurance choices. Understanding Medicare and how it works will allow you to choose the best plan to fit your needs. One part of the Medicare program is called Part B.

Part B Premiums

Most people have to pay a premium for Part B. You can check to see if you are qualified to receive help from your state to pay for premiums or deductibles. Otherwise, the premium is usually deducted from a Social Security, Railroad Retirement or Civil Service Retirement check. The Part B premium can also be paid every quarter or through the electronic payment option, or Medicare Easy Pay. Premiums will be based on your modified adjusted gross income from two years ago. For example, 2017 with be based on your 2015 modified adjusted gross income.


What is Part B?

Medicare Part B is a medical insurance provided by the federal government to eligible beneficiaries. The coverage provided by Part B includes medically necessary doctor’s services, outpatient care, and most other services that Part A does not cover such as some physical or occupational therapies and some home health care services. Part B covers preventive services as well.

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